Raym World – ‘I Thank You’



‘I Thank You’ is the brand new track from Oakland, California’s hip hop artist Raym World. Released on February 1st 2019 the song is, at its heart, an honest and retrospective look at relationships. The relationships vary throughout the song but Raym World’s honesty and integrity are present throughout.

The song opens to a solo piano riff swiftly followed by a child’s voice. Next, we hear Raym Worlds rap begin. It is a beautiful and moving song with the lyrics speaking of being thankful, in the choruses, for how he was treated as a younger man. There is a gentleness in the choruses and a grateful, heartfelt and heartwarming message. The final verse sees Raym World’s tone change to a more aggressive feel. He documents being stopped by the police for nothing more than his skin’s colour. Raym World has articulated brilliantly the injustice and prejudice faced by many people and uses his platform here to highlight the issue well.

The instrumentation is comprised of a melancholic piano which gives the sad vibe to the song and syncopated beats and synths. The sound is full and leaves a wonderful accompaniment to the main star, Raym World’s voice. He is most certainly a gifted artist whose lyrics are relatable and intoxicating. His cadences and melodies fit beautifully every time and he is an artist with something to say. He is a refreshing and exciting talent who we will hear a lot more from in the future.

There is also an impressive and immersive video which accompanies the release. It depicts Raym World rapping the song to a background of colourful graffiti. The vibrant colours used echo the emotion filled song. There are passion and conviction in Raym World’s performance and it is brilliant to see it reflected in the video too.

‘I Thank You’ is fresh to be released and Raym World is an artist to be watched, followed and supported by us all in 2019. His unique talent and skill are to be showcased on this single and we can not wait to hear what comes next from such a talented artist.

Reviewed by FVReviews February 2019

Gisselak – ‘Reckless Grace’ 

recklessgracecover‘Reckless Grace’ is the superb new album by the supremely talented artist Gisselak. The six-track album is a brilliant piece of work featuring strong elements of Christian Rock. There is a wonderful sense of positivity and hope throughout. These are themes that occur more than once in the songs. In times as they are currently, this is album is a welcomed listen.

There are so many strong songs on this album it is hard to pick a favourite, but if we had to choose, ’Bring You Back To Life’ is at the top of our list. First, we hear a piano and Gisselak’s unmistakable vocals enter. There are luscious changes from major to minor in the chords and unpredictable twists and turns too.

We adored the song ‘Light Fades’, the initial acoustic guitar plays all over the neck and there are gorgeous cadences to be found in the vocals. The song builds in layers creating texture and there are wonderful lyrics such as, ‘‘The more the light fades, the brighter you shine’.

The title track, ‘Reckless Grace’, sees big production and an upbeat nature. It is a song to feed the soul. All of the instruments are present from the get-go and it is a cracker of a title song.

‘This Is The Moment’ is a spell-binding track. The opening guitar is picked well and there is an opening duo performance between the vocals and guitar. The addition of the cello is beautiful and the driving kick on the chorus is the icing on top. Wonderful.

The overriding star of the album is Gisselak. Her vocal performance on each song emotes emotion and warmth. Her tone feels as though it has been touched by angels and she has the type of voice that we could listen to all day. There is a sweetness and comfort in her voice which automatically draws the listener in and keeps their attention, always wanting more.

We must also mention the exceptional musicianship which is showcased on ‘Reckless Grace’. From the drums to the guitars, to the piano and cello, each of these musicians are at the top of their game. They have the awareness and ability to know when to go full throttle and when to pull back and let the vocals shine. The mix, production, and mastering have all been executed to a high standard. Produced by Grammy award winner, Chad Carlson, each of the instruments have their own place in the mix which lets them shine but also they come together as a collective.

Based in the United States, Giselak is an artist who is very talented. Check out this special artist today!

Reviewed by FVReviews January 2019

Tunde Akin – ‘Flourish (An Album for the Awakening Soul)’

Album_Flourish.jpgTunde Akin has released his formidable brand new album ‘Flourish (An Album for the Awakening Soul)’. Released on 17th January 2019, this album truly is an awakening. It is an honest and reflective piece of art, with music to feed the soul.

The opening track ‘Poetry (Feat. Lady Zuumah)’ had us hooked from the get-go. It features sweet melodic synths and vocals with driving drums. The track is positive, healing and infectious. We were left with a sense of peace and healing from the first listen.

There are so many stand out songs to be devoured over the 15 tracks. One thing is for sure, one listen is not enough. We adored the song, ‘Precious (feat. Oladi). It opens with a guitar playing major seventh chords and is heartwarming/breaking in equal amounts. Here, Akin is able to draw the listener in and capture their hearts with his charm and honesty. We also loved the song, ‘The Little Things (feat. Nina Monet). It is a stark reminder that ‘The little things are the big things in life’. The thundering kick feels like Akin’s heartbeat and Nina Monet adds another luscious layer of texture. ‘For Jade’ is a simply gorgeous song. It is written for Akin’s partner and is sweet and intelligent writing. Stunning.

In places, this album reminds us of Kayne West’s ‘Late Registration’. It has happy and melodic musical accompaniment with Akin’s raps flowing effortlessly over the top. Akin is incredibly articulate and has the talent to be able to convey not only situations but also emotions effortlessly. That is the key about Akin, he makes the album feel effortless yet it is clear just how much time, love and devotion has gone into the record. He is an artist with something to say and his voice is intoxicating.

There is no doubting the skill and talent Akin possesses. Not only has he composed the album but he is also responsible for the crisp and concise production. All of the instruments have their own place in the mix and the vocals sit beautifully over the top of them. The vocals can be easily accessed and never get lost in the mix.

We can not believe it has taken us this long to be introduced to Tunde Akin. He is a master in his craft and without a doubt set for monumental things in 2019. We will be watching his progress and wish him every success. Check out ‘Flourish (An Album for the Awakening Soul)’ today, you will not be disappointed.

Reviewed by FVReviews January 2019



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The Swisher Club – EP

5acd7324-2588-47c1-b62f-cd5c99ccadb2The Swisher Club are releasing their latest EP on 2/2/19 and we have been lucky enough to hear it ahead of its official release. It is a melting pop of hip-hop with elements of R&B and soul mixed in. The soul comes from the heart in the raps and this duo makes for a sound which is unmistakably their own.

Comprised of artists GP and ~A, The Swisher Club have an EP which is far-reaching in its appeal. Laid back in tone, this EP is filled with honesty, integrity and heart at its core. During its 10 tracks, many relatable topics are covered: money, women, and, drugs. This makes it’s appeal stretch far and wide.

Our favourite tracks include, ‘2 cold’ for the magnificent synths, syncopated kick drum and a divine rap which effortlessly flows from GP’s lips. ‘C thru’ is another killer tune. The kick drum is phat and resonates throughout the song. The lyrics are repetitive in a pleasing way, they will have you humming along in no time. The effects on the vocals add depth and colour to the piece too.

We adored the track, ‘Still Broke’, it is laid back in nature with an infectious beat and rhythms. The vocals have a delay on them which add emphasis to the cleverly constructed lyrics. There is also an instrumental in this track which leaves space for reflection.

The beat production on the EP has been provided solely by ~A. On each track, the beat captures the integrity of the song well. It is not merely just an accompaniment to the rap but it stands shoulder to shoulder with it as they compliment each other. Each element of the beat has been mixed well and has it’s own space in the mix.

GP’s rap performances hit the mark every time. They always feel effortless and well executed making for a style which is all his own. His cadences flow well and there are clever and descriptive verses which demonstrate the talent he possesses.

Each of the tracks are relatively short in time with the longest coming in at 2 minutes 52 seconds. However short, they always leave a big impact.

There is no doubt this EP will be big in 2019, so ride the crest of the inevitable wave today and make 2/2/19 a date for your diary.

Reviewed by FVReviews January 2019

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Chrissie Romano Band – ‘Photo’

chrissie romano band photoThe Chrissie Romano Band are set to release their latest album, ‘Photo’. Hailing from Rochester, New York, their sound is infectious and had us hooked from the opening notes.

The 9 track album is a masterclass in song composition and artistry. It is acoustic Pop/Rock in the genre and carries a message. Often the message is unity, the songs are incredibly relatable and this creates a feeling of being less alone with the listener.

Stand out tracks on the record are plentiful. We understand why ‘Photo’ is the title track. It is an emotive and sincere piece which has infectious and sing along melodies. Chrissie Romano’s vocals really shine during this song. The listener hears her heart and soul on show with openness and vulnerability. ‘Photo’ is the story of a post break up world where everyday life carries on with heartbreak always near the surface. It is an intelligent lyrical composition and this really lets the listener inside the song.

We also loved, ‘What About Her’. The acoustic guitar features heavily here and the track is again filled with heart and soul. There is a big chorus and layers of instrumentation to be enjoyed too. ‘Bittersweet and Unkind’ is a classic song. The minor chord, in the beginning, switches to major but then resolves to a minor again which sets the tone beautifully. Lyrically, the song is honest and raw in places. The tempo is slower which is a nice juxtaposition to the upbeat songs which have come before.

‘Broke mine’ speaks of love and loss to the beat of marching high hats in the instrumentals. The guitar solos on this tune are simply magical. The final song, ‘Romeo’ is a wonderful closing tune. It is fun and catchy with a special appearance from whistlers too!

Comprised of Chrissie Romano, Ken Romano and John Pasquarella, this trio are reinventing a much-loved genre and style. Upon listening to ‘Photo’ a few times, we were strongly reminded of singer-songwriters such as Lisa Loeb and Sarah McLachlan. Much loved of the time, the Chrissie Romano Band have some of their attributes mixed in with there own uniqueness and talent.

So whatever you do this weekend, make sure it includes checking out this formidable release!

Reviewed by FVReviews January 2019




Auxycodone – ‘Choker Chain’ (Prod. HAVEN BEATS)

choker chain cover art (1)Auxycodone has released his brilliant single ‘Choker Chain’. Produced by HAVEN BEATS, the song is a hip-hop/rap track in a genre which leaves a heavy and intoxicating feeling within.

‘Choker Chain’ opens to a sound of confusion. We hear samples mixed together with female spoken word over the top. The confusion mist is swiftly broken by Auxycodone’s unmistakeable rap. His style is unique to him and his delivery is smooth and delicious.  Auxycodone’s cadences always land perfectly and he has the undeniable skill of being able to let words roll off his tongue in a skilful and engaging way. Auxycodone spits the lyrics out and they always land perfectly on this track. This is a skill which can not be taught and is a natural talent. The lyrics and the instrumentation flow brilliantly and together they strike a magical tone.

The production on ‘Choker Chain’ is top class. There is a lot of instrumentation and percussion happening under the rap, but it is never intrusive and most certainly integral to the overall sound. The sound is phat and has an ear-catching bass line and kick. We adored the claps which nod to the genre and the high hats are lively, carrying the piece along. The track is relatively short coming in at 1 minute 31 seconds in length and ending on a fade. This leaves the listener craving more.

The artwork for ‘Choker Chain’ is provocative, eye-catching and hard-hitting in nature. As you can see above, it depicts a woman’s breasts with the title of the song written above them. Designed by Dylan Nail, this artwork is most certainly effective. One post from a user on SoundCloud said, “Clicked for the pic stayed for the music”. This is a testament to the strong song which the artwork represents. We can understand why the artwork would be a draw in itself but the music is most certainly there to back it up.

From the incredible rap composition and delivery to the enchanting production, these are the things which make ‘Choker Chain’ stand out from the crowd. This is a special and exciting release from an artist who is set for big things in 2019. Make sure to check Auxycodone today. We can not wait to hear what comes next from such an exciting talent.

Reviewed by FVReviews January 2019

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/auxycodone/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnfB-iLGjuJhLqjlpEuBtDQ

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5PyqnChoqeHCTucYCqnerK

Secret Treehouse – ‘Fear of Frogs’ 

f-k1okhaBased in Bergen, Norway, Secret Treehouse are set to release their first single ‘Fear of Frogs’ on 11th January 2019. The single is taken from the upcoming album, ‘Big Rewind’. Having been privileged to have listened to ‘Fear of Frogs’, we can not wait to hear what the album will hold!

The track begins with synths set to a boom bap (bass and snare) rhythm. The vocals on the record are female and they ooze warmth and character from the get-go, pulling the listener’s attention in and captivating their imagination. We also hear added underlying synths which add texture to the piece.

We adored the chorus which features an unusual chord progression, it resolves and then changes to a minor chord. This change especially, works incredibly well and makes for an enchanting listen. The guitars shine on the second verse where the instrumentation cuts away again and then hits hard for the following chorus. 

The choruses are so catchy and toe-tapping, they will have you singing along in no time! The third verse has been replaced by an instrumental which sees the guitars, piano, bass and, drums playing their own parts but still coming together as a collective. This is extremely clever writing and makes the track work as a cohesive piece. Blissful.

Secret Treehouse describes ‘Fear of Frogs’ as being about, “The fear of holding someone back that you love and the feeling of wanting to run because you’re afraid you’ll end up doing damage.” This is a topic we can all relate to and is precisely what makes the song so appealing to many people. Secret Treehouse has the ability to convey many different relatable emotions and feelings in just 3 minutes 29 seconds of music. This is a skill they possess in abundance.

With an upbeat melody, catchy chorus and atmospheric instrumentation ‘Fear of Frogs’ has all of the ingredients any music lover would love. Comprised of: Anja Bere, Sveinung Fossan Bukve, Trond Espen Teigen Bjoland, Tormod Smith Svanevik, and Marius Mathisen, Secret Treehouse is a culmination of excellent musicians at the top of their game.

So make sure you put the 11th January in your diary as this single is going to be a massive hit. Secret Treehouse is set for big things in 2019 and they are on our ‘tipped list’ as a band to look out for!

Reviewed by FVReviews December 2018