‘Runaway’ – Xavier Toscano

‘Runaway’ – Xavier Toscano

Xavier Toscano describes his music as ‘Pop music that makes you feel good!’ I agree with this whole heartedly.
‘Runaway’ feels like a euro pop tune. It has dance elements and a hook of a chorus that will have you singing it all day. The heartbeat of the song is in the snare, the mix is just wonderful, fully hitting the correct tone for the upbeat tune.

Toscano’s voice shines in its full glory in the 3rd verse where beat falls away and the track is carried along by the voice alone cleverly taking the heartbeat to the main event: the vocal. His voice is smooth and warm with a tone that could melt ice on a chilly day.

The video for ‘Runaway’ is impressive in its construction and fits the track beautifully.
Can’t wait for future releases!


Twitter: @XToscano

Reviewed by FVreviews October 2017

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