‘They Don’t Care about Us’ – Ahmen

‘They Don’t Care about Us’ – Ahmen

Ahmen is a musician based in the United States. Originally from Sri Lanka, he is primarily categorised as a  Hip Hop artist but I believe, he is much more.

‘They Don’t Care About Us’ kicks in with the chorus being sung by Ahmen to a scarce clapping accompaniment. The chorus is taken from Michael Jackson’s 5th single from the 1996 album ‘History’.

The verses are rapped by Ahmen and have a powerful message wrapped up in social commentary. The tone could be perceived as aggressive but it it runs deeper than the surface. Ahmen’s passion of topics he is covers can be felt giving the track it’s undeniable heartbeat. An advocator of change, equality and shaking up the system, Ahmen is not the run of the mill hip hop artist, he style is incredibly engaging, intelligent and passionate.

Reminiscent of Kanye West in tone and delivery, Ahmen’s sound is fresh and exciting. I would recommend this track and his back catalogue to any music fan!


Twitter: @iamahmen

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iamahmen

Insta: https://www.instagram.com/iam_ahmen/

Reviewed by FVreviews October 2017

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