‘Love in Other Dimensions’ – Go-Go Sapien

‘Love in Other Dimensions’ – Go-Go Sapien

Go-Go Sapien are a psych-pop band hailing from Melbourne. Their new album ‘Love in Other Dimensions’ is a fusion of brilliant pop, musicianship and joy.

The album takes you on a sonic journey of fast paced, fun and wonderfully bizarre musical creations. It is honest and innovative in its genetic make up.

My personal favourite track is a tough choice but ‘Winona’ and ‘Victorian Spiders’ are without doubt up there along side the soulful vocals of ‘Metaphysical Residence’ which I could easily imagine being sung by a bond girl. Whereas ‘Feel the Spirits’ feels like a wonderfully giant nod to Captain Beefheart. The mixed phasing creates a psychedelic rock element to the album and the overall production is top notch.

How to describe Go-Go Sapien? Frank Zappa meets Flight of the concords.

I listened to the whole album with a smile on my face and an ear worm in my ear all day.

‘Love in Other Dimensions’ will be launched in a stage-show spectacular on Sunday Nov 5th at the Tote Hotel, Collingwood. I just wish I could be there!




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