‘Book of Life’ – Yeshua and The Hightones

‘Book of Life’ – Yeshua and The Hightones

Yeshua and The Hightones released the album ‘Book of Life’ in November 2017. Their sound is predominantly reggae with outside influences seamlessly mixed in. In many ways, ‘Book of Life’ reminds me of Ska, the beat filled grooves are accompanied by the political and social commentary of the vocals, together creating a wonderfully diverse and unique recording.

The stand out tracks on the album are the title track ‘Book of Life’, ‘Moma Said’ and ‘Teach Them’. All of the songs carry a message of unity and positivity at the heart of them, which in such dark political times are a welcomed, hopeful release.

Yeshua’s vocal performance across the entire release is smooth, reminiscent of Sting in places with his phrasing being an excellent vessel to carry generous flow throughout all of the tracks. He is the glue which cements all  of the wonderful instrumentation together giving the band their unique sound.

It is easy to tell that all the performers on the album are top notch musicians. You can hear them feeding off each others talent. They weave in between each others parts, never over shadowing and always adding subtle yet critical accompaniments. The guitar riffs have nods to Santana while the beautiful horns are a wonderful enhancement to create their specific and identifiable sound.

Yeshusa and The Hightones are thoroughly talented, charming, exciting and charismatic – we thoroughly recommend!





Reviewed by FVreviews December 2017

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