‘No Remorse 2’ – Devin Vegas

Devin Vegas is an exceptional Trap artist from the USA. His latest release ‘No Remorse’ released on the label After The Game Ent. (based in Long Island) is an alluring piece of work detailing many thought inducing themes including: depression, love, war, drugs and relationships.

‘No Remorse’ is an impressive 1hour 36minutes in length where Vegas gives you intimate access and a detailed look into himself: thoughts, feelings and life. For us, the highlight tracks are ‘Switch Sides’, ‘Distant’ and ‘It’s Over’. His introspective look into society and dedication to creating the perfect sonic experience is what makes ‘No Remorse 2’ an album you will go back to time after time.

Vegas’s lyrical prowess is a true highlight of ‘No Remorse 2’ he is lyrically diverse, engaging and always immersive. The aggressive nature of Traps’ fast flowing cadences and lyrics are juxtaposed to always beautiful, sometimes hard hitting and sometimes delicate instrumentation. The opening to ‘Seen it Befo’ and ‘Feelins’ hear soft spoken word before a heavier beat kicks in, creating charming texting and colour to the album. There are a number of collaborations on ‘No Remorse 2’ we adore the tracks where Vegas’s collaborate with fellow label mate Young Dutchie, the duo make for compelling listening.

The production of the record is top notch. Vegas wrote, recorded, engineered, mixed and mastered each song himself and this is reflected in it’s charm and passion filled and concise audio experience.

We will be eagerly watching to see what comes next from this talented and compelling artist.

Reviewed by FVreviews April 2018




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