Cathyy – ‘For Your Love’

Attachment_1558277670.jpegReleased originally in 2017, ‘For Your Love’ is the captivating single by the 21-year-old musician, Cathyy. It is a deeply emotional song which is filled with sentiment and relatable themes throughout.

Cathyy is a singer/songwriter who writes from the extracts of her diary. This raw, stream of emotion can be felt on this song. ‘For Your Love’ gives the listener an insight into Cathy’s world from a specific time and place. This snapshot style of writing packs a big punch from the beginning to the end.

‘For Your Love’ is thoroughly engaging from the get-go. It has a stripped down feel, with 3 instruments: guitar, voice and piano. Each of these instruments brings something new to the mix. They have been used in a sympathetic way to let the lyrics shine through. There are short piano solos in the piece which add a new dimension and take the song into new directions adding to its rich layers and tapestry.

Cathyy creates melodies in vocal performance which are instantly recognisable as her trademark style. Her chord structures fit well together and there is a definite change between the verses to choruses. The chorus chords take unexpected twists and turns which keeps the listener’s attention well. At the heart of this single, it is a sweet song which sees a breathy vocal performance to further enrich the piece. We also adored the guitar parts to the song, they are strummed well with an interesting and ear-catching rhythm.

For us, the only complaint we have is the length of the single. At 4:45, it is perfect for an album but a single should be around 3 minutes for a radio edit. A few tweaks with the arrangement of the song would make it more fitting for a single release.

In conclusion, Cathyy is a very promising talent. We were left wondering what will come next from such a raw talent. In a world where single releases are the current format for producing new music, we would love to hear an entire album from this superb writer. An album enables a body of work to be appreciated as a whole entity. We believe, Cathyy has the talent and ability to achieve this should she wish to.

So do not delay and check out the future of music today, you will not be disappointed!

Reviewed by FVReviews May 2019

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Shambhu – ‘Lilac Skies’  

Lilac Skies 1200 x 1200 cover art.jpg‘Lilac Skies’ is the beautiful new single from the phenomenally talented artist, Shambhu. He describes the song as, ‘Soothing Guitar for a Peaceful World’ and we can not disagree!

The opening of the song hears rich drums swiftly followed by Shambhu’s trademark sound. His guitar parts are melodic, effortless and supremely skilful. There is no doubt that this is a guitarist who is a master of his craft. Shambhu reminds us of Santana and Walter Becker in places but make no mistake, he has a sound all of his own.

This single sounds as beautiful as its’ title suggests. Filled with rich grooves and toe-tapping melodies it is a masterclass in songwriting and composition. Hailing From Westhampton, NY, Shambhu is innovating the much-loved genre of Jazz with ‘Lilac Skies’. We adored the luscious grooves and riffs arranged around the magnificent improvised solos. Shambhu is a supremely gifted musician. He is able to convey emotion and heart through his passion for Jazz.

There are also many instruments to back Shambhu’s divine offerings. We hear; Frank Martin – keyboards, Celso Alberti – drums and percussion, Kai Eckhardt – bass and Premik Russell Tubbs – flute. Each of these musicians clearly demonstrates on ‘Lilac Skies’ the skill and expertise they possess in their respective fields. They create their own melodies and paths which consistently compliment one another throughout.

The mix, production and mastering have been executed extremely well on this song. It was recorded by Adam Muñoz at Fantasy Studios, Mixed by Todd Boston at Magic Cottage Studios and Mastered by Tom Eaton at Imaginary Road Studios. You can hear the level of care and attention to detail which has been applied to create texture and balance.

We must also mention the inspiring video which accompanies this release. There are beautiful visuals of relaxing lilac skies and the colours achieved are breathtaking. We see serene images of a person paddle boarding, a marina recorded on a time-lapse and relaxing coastal scenes. We also loved the very end where we see snippets of the musicians who have provided the rousing music. A very classy touch.

Shambhu has an impressive CV, from having jammed with Carlos Santana to playing on Whitney Houston’s debut album, ‘Whitney’, he is an artist who is consistently producing music to the highest level. Check out this magnificent artist today!

Reviewed by FVReviews May 2019

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Doug Collins and The Receptionists – ‘Good Sad News’ 

a3642549518_16Doug Collins and The Receptionists have released their latest album,’Good Sad News’. It is a magnificent album which showcases the best in energetic Country music.

‘Good Sad News’ opens with the track, ‘Conversation With My Heart’. First, we hear electric guitar riffs which set the scene beautifully as to what is to come. Upbeat drums, bass and sweet harmonies fill the audio spectrum with their carefully crafted rhythms and melodies. There is a surprising switch to minor chords which will become a signature of this record. It is used in many places and is surprising each time. There is also a guitar solo which has wonderful melodies, clear and concise. Blissful.

‘Little House (Built For Two)’ is again an happy song. There are rolling bass and drums to be enjoyed with upbeat, sweet vocals. The signature move kicks in where the minor chords appear and it is quite disconcerting. There is also a staccato rhythm introduced which adds texture to the piece. The emotions are layered in this song, they start happy and upbeat and slowly turn to sadness. It is clever writing and reinforces the title of the album, ‘Good Sad News.’

There are many songs to be enjoyed during this piece of work. We adored ‘Please Don’t Make Me Leave You’ for it’s smooth, sway 50’s feel. ‘Crush On You’ has the most beautiful harmonies from the get-go. ‘I Saw You Dancing’ sees a change of tempo. It is in 3/4 and is much slower than its predecessors. The pedal steel guitar is a beautiful addition and there is a twang of sadness in the air to the whole piece. ‘Hey Mary’ features an accordion heavily which was a refreshing addition and is played superbly. Finally, ‘Top of the Watchtower’ is based on a 12 bar, it ends on an upbeat feel with lots of trademark riffs and harmonies.

The musicianship on ‘Good Sad News’ is extremely high. Collins’s voice plays a pivotal part to the proceedings and conveys emotion beautifully. His tone seems innocent but there are always layers of the story underpinning it. The Mix, master and production of the album have also been executed to a high standard.

So check out this spectacular release today, you will not be disappointed.

Reviewed by FVReviews May 2019





Young Space Wolf – ‘CYAN’

COVER.pngDanny Ali aka Young Space Wolf released his brilliant new album ‘CYAN’ on 28th April 2019. It is a superb hiphop/rap album which showcases the genre to its finest.

‘Pilot’ starts the album. Its use of piano and spoken word (which is heavily saturated in gorgeous reverb) is a hard-hitting opening. We hear the spoken word lyrics, “Not every story told is a fairytale,” we found this to be an enthralling beginning and shows the calibre of songwriting to come. On this song, we also loved the lyrics, “Burn your wings,” it evokes wonderful imagery and showcases what a talented and accessible artist Young Space Wolf is.

There are many magnificent tracks on ‘CYAN’ and it is hard to pick our favourites. We had a special appreciation for ‘Star’, it has interesting percussion and Young Space Wolf’s lyrics seem to just fly off of his tongue. He makes rapping seem effortless and natural when it is anything but. His cadences land every time and he conveys emotion beautifully. ‘RUN’ (feat. Joe Frazier) is another top class song. Its use of claps and reverb sets a beautiful scene for the raps to build from. We adored the female vocals on ‘Free’ and also its clever use of production. The song ends on a phone call and the next song picks up from where it leaves off. A masterclass in production and writing.

Without a doubt, the shining star of ‘CYAN’ is Young Space Wolf’s rap performances. It is filled with energetic and characterful deliveries in a way only he can. The thing which sets Young Space Wolf apart from the crown is how realistic and relatable he is. At the age of 22, he is the face of the next generation, and how lucky we are to have him.

The album is filled with wonderful production throughout. There is a lot of layers under the rap, whether they are synths or samples there is always enough room in the mix for them. Each element has it’s own space to shine but they also come together to work as one cohesive piece.

Hailing from South San Francisco, Young Space Wolf is redefining the genre with this album. The artwork which accompanies the release fits the project perfectly and is a perfect introduction to a magnificent body of work. Filled with luscious synths and samples, ‘CYAN’ is a must listen this year.

So make sure you check out ‘CYAN’ today, you will not be disappointed. 

Reviewed by FVReviews May 2019




Interview – Young Space Wolf

We were lucky enough to catch up with Danny Ali aka Young Space Wolf as his latest album ‘CYAN’ is being released. Check out our interview below.

Tell us about yourself, is your real life persona different from Danny Ali?

I try to not make the difference between the two seem so black and white. It’s more so that Danny is a side of myself that most people don’t get to see often, mainly because I’m naturally a more observant and quiet person in my daily life. Danny is the more outspoken, artistic side of me that often doesn’t get to come out.

What is your songwriting process? 

I usually start by listening to the beat 20-30 times over, sometimes less if the beat jumps at me immediately. Other than that, the structure never really follows a pattern. I try hard to create perfect moments and feelings in most of my music so it doesn’t really necessarily have a consistent “process”.

You produce some of your music as well, what programs do you use?

Yeah, I do. I started in Logic when I was in college but towards the end, I moved over to Ableton.

What is the best gig you have ever played? 

Probably my first show in California last year. I had just graduated and a few of my friends got us on a showcase at this bar. My performance was awful but the energy in the place was unreal.

Tell us about your latest release? 

‘CYAN’ is basically a display of my own evolution, put simply. I guess it’s more of a feeling I wanted to get across more than a central theme. Leading up to the release, some of my favourite artists died tragically and that struck a cord with me. Just the vulnerability of life woke me up. Needless to say, the entire theme of the project is getting exactly what you ask for when you commit to being a star or a public figure. Negatives and positives, you have to take everything in stride and be okay with it even if it means risking and/or losing everything in the process.

What is your favourite Song on the album and why?

SINCERELY. Easily. It was the first song I made on the album and it came about on the day I dropped my last project, ‘Cult.18’. It was inspired by what I mentioned earlier, somehow the day I released it, I woke up to find out Mac Miller had passed away. It essentially touches on the price of fame, how misunderstood stardom is and what risks you take to become that.

What is your funniest gig moment? 

Almost tripping over a speaker Santa Cruz. It wasn’t funny to anyone else except me but in the moment I thought I was about to fall into the crowd.

What message do you think your music conveys to your fans? 

I hope it conveys just a sense of hope and inspiration. In the grand scheme of things, I lived a ‘regular’ life to most people because I was reserved in my actions. A lot of what I went through growing up was because I had a huge identity crisis. Being one of the only black people in my area and being into things that weren’t stereotypically “black” to everyone else, it was hard to find a place for myself. If I had one thing to tell everyone it would be that it’s okay to know yourself. Just because everyone else may not understand it, that doesn’t invalidate your wants or your desires.

Who are your musical influences? 

Musically my biggest influences would probably be Lil Wayne, Kanye, and J. Cole.

Who are your non-musical influences? 

My parents definitely. Beyond that, Maya Angelou, Ta-Nehisi Coates, and Barack Obama easily.

What do you think are the biggest obstacles for bands/artists today? 

The way I see it is a bigger ocean means a lot more fish and a lot less food. So with more money and accessibility, there’s a lot less barriers to entry for artists and it’s, therefore, harder to get noticed. And even on top of that, there’s less money in records themselves and multiple sources of income are necessities at this point.

What advice would you give to other bands/artists starting out? 

Find a team and trust the process. As cliché as it sounds, it really is a process. You just need to find the right people to have in your corner who are passionate and will fight for you. Just stick to your artistry and let the rest handle itself.

Thank you and finally, what are your hopes for the next 2 years?

Continuing to give back to and grow with my city. I can’t tell all my secrets but hopefully a step closer to actualizing my ultimate goal as an artist.

Check out Young Space Wolf’s latest album ‘CYAN’ today!

Interviewed by FVReviews May 2019




The Two’s – ‘Push On’ 

The_Two_s_PUSH_ON_CD_COVER_copy.jpgBased in New Orleans, The Two are a phenomenally talented duo who have released their latest EP, ‘Push On’.

Upon first listening to ‘Push On’ we knew nothing about the music or the name of the band. First, we heard a beautiful Cello, Guitar, Vocals and Percussion. We had assumed there would be four-ish members. How wrong we were! We then saw the band were called The Two’s and that is exactly what they are. Comprised of, Suki Kuehn and Ruby Rendrag, The Two’s make a sound which is massive!

‘Push On’ opens to the track, ‘Ms Jones’. It is our favourite track on the EP and it packs a big punch from the get-go. The vocals are pure velvet and the lyrics are filled with imagery. The staccato part adds luscious texture too.

All of the songs are stand-alone classics. ‘City of Gold’ is textured throughout with the strings playing off of one another. The reverb on the cello lifts the sound wonderfully and the mix of the strings allows them to shine at the same time.

‘Lullaby’ feels heavier with beautiful cello parts on the chorus with sudden changes to the minor. ‘The Letter’ has a clever use of harmonics at the beginning and engaging percussion. The sound is clean and allows each of the instrumentation to shine. The final track, ‘Baked’ is an instrumental where the skill Kuehn and Rendrag have shines through. Utterly magical.

One thing is for sure, all of the instruments and parts are exciting and enthralling throughout. The skill level of the musicianship is mind-blowing and you are never sure in which direction the songs will take. ‘Push On’ was recorded by Adam Keila, and mixed by Ben Lorio and Grammy winner Sylvia Massy. All of the people who have worked on ‘Push On’ are clearly at the top of their game and have let The Two’s talent shine through.

It is no wonder The Two’s have opened for such acts as rock legend Heart, international pop Star Zucchero, Dave Matthew’s side man Tim Reynolds, and have placed music on the Emmy award-winning show “Nip/Tuck. Their sound is utterly unique and refreshing.

So fill your ears with magical Americana, Bluegrass and everything in-between this weekend. Check out ‘Push On’ today!

Reviewed by FVReviews May 2019

King Cotz – ‘Doomsday’

DOOMSDAY Artwork 5000x5000 - King Cotz.pngHailing from Richmond, Virginia, King Cotz has released his brilliant brand new single ‘Doomsday’ on 29th April 2019. 

Rap/Hip-hop in genre, ‘Doomsday’ is a superb and enthralling track. Here, King Cotz is innovating and leading the way for the future of hip/hop.

‘Doomsday’ opens to the sound of synths. There is a rising synth melody which is catchy and repeats throughout the song. We hear the chorus first from King Cotz, the double tracked vocals are layered with texture and character. Next, the beat kicks in. It is syncopated, interesting and characterful. We loved the sound of the high hats which come in and out of the song as it progresses.

The shining star of the piece is most certainly King Cotz’s rap performance. His skilful approach to composing and performing lyrics is something which can not be taught. You can hear his natural abilities with words flowing from his tongue with grace and ease. The rap sounds very slick, every word has a place and fits smoothly. King Cotz’s cadences hit the mark every time too. We found the rap sections of the song deeply insightful. They have been cleverly constructed and are intelligent and thoughtful.

We adored the part of the track where all of the instrumentation have built up and then cut away. There are many spoken word samples which have been used sensitively and in the right amount. They are deeply impactful. We also adored the mix, production and mastering of ‘Doomsday’. There is a lot of instrumentation and detail in the backing and each part has it’s own space in the mix. They also come together to work as one cohesive piece too.

One thing is for sure, this 23-year-old rapper has a massive future ahead of him. He has been songwriting since the tender age of 10 years old and it is clear what a talent he is. We will be following his progress and can not wait to hear what will come next from this deeply gifted artist. Make sure you check out this brilliant release today!

Reviewed by FVReviews May 2019