Forest Robots – ‘Timberline and Mountain Crest’ 

dw5wFtag.jpgProlific songwriter Forest Robots is releasing his second album in 8 months. ‘Timberline and Mountain Crest’ is a collection of songs which are designed to connect the listener to nature. With added elements of electronic and R&B, ‘Timberline and Mountain Crest’ is an extremely special offering.

‘Timberline and Mountain Crest’ is comprised of 10 tracks and opens with the song, ‘Where The Wild Summer Storms Run’. It is an atmospheric beginning with swirling synths starting the layers of instrumentation which create texture and charming character. We also hear intricate beats on this song. They are full of substance and quality which drives the melody along.

We adored the song, ‘As The Sun Rises Between Timberline And Mountain Crest’. It opens with silence which fades to a gorgeous solo piano with then the further addition of gentle strings in the background. It is a subdued number which is juxtaposed to what we have heard previously. The double bass is stunning and as the song progresses, the strings add a mysterious element. We could easily hear this song being used as placement in TV, film or games. A truly beautiful piece.

Other highlights include, ‘Between The Orange And Purple Horizon’. This song is so clever in its composition. Somehow, Forest Robots has managed to get the listener to see the colours in the music. When listening, the listener is able to fully relax and let their imagination run free. The song features a double kick which feels like a heartbeat and it fuels the groove wonderfully.

‘Farewell Sudden Summer Storm Clouds’ has a strong nature element and feels like the beginning of spring/summer. The synths have melodies in a major key which add to the happy, new beginning vibe.

The closing song, ‘ It’s Quietest At The Edge Of The Crestline’ again has strong links to nature. Wind and sea noises fill the audio landscape from the beginning and the recognisable synths slowly fade in. It is gentle, peaceful in tone and feels like the beginning of a new day.

This album is one which will take you outside, to new and exciting lands without having to move from your chair. The talent and skill in the songwriting are simply exquisite and we fully recommend checking out Forest Robots today!

Reviewed by FVReviews November 2018

Jonathan Alexander – ‘17:34’  

Front CoverDallas based artist Jonathan Alexander is releasing his brilliant EP on 20th November 2018. Entitled, ’17:34’, the EP is a wonderful collection of 5 songs which give the listener a glimpse into Alexander’s life. Compelling from start to end, this EP is going to be a big hit this winter.

‘17:34’ opens with the song, ‘House On Fire / Smile On Faces’. It has an ambiguous beginning which evolves into a piece of work which is filled with imaginative melodies, luscious lyrics, and formidable instrumentation. The addition to the traditional drum kits lay in the percussion which elevate the song to another level.

We adored, ‘Better Off Without You’, from the piano and acoustic guitar opening to the layered building of instrumentation as the song progresses, this song has been composed brilliantly. The piano sounds like an old upright which is full of character. The main piano part follows the melodic vocal and together they make for an instantaneously recognisable riff.

‘Light On’ features distorted instrumentation and the drums drive the piece along magnificently. Syncopated drums feature on the track, ‘If & When’. These are further complemented with the use of delay and reverb on the double-tracked vocals. Blissful.

We also loved the title track,  ‘17:34’. It has a feel which is reminiscent of the Stereophonics. Each part of the instrumentation feeds off of one another and the subtle changes in rhythm, make for a thoroughly enjoyable listen.

All of the songs on the EP have the ability to be released as singles in their own right. They have catchy hooks and memorable melodies which will have you listening to them all day. The standard of the composition and musicianship are so high it blew us away. We could hear these songs standing tall on any playlist, placement in TV and/or film, or being showcased on the radio.

Jonathan Alexander truly is the magic behind ’17:34’. His voice is spot on during all of the songs and his tones will have you reaching for the repeat button. Alexander’s impressive falsetto is simply stunning. Make sure you check out this exciting artist today!

Reviewed by FVReviews November 2018







APKLYPZ – ‘Golden Spiralverse’ 

Golden Spiralverse Album Art.jpgAPKLYPZ has released his superb latest single, ‘Golden Spiralverse’. Released on 2nd November 2018, the song is an enthralling and emotive listen which is accompanied by a spellbinding video.

The track opens on a kick drum, followed by a gorgeous syncopated beat. There are various melodies to be enjoyed throughout and the erratic opening soon settles into a groove. The single has elements of Trapp and Garage, with strong bass and distorted voices to be heard in the distance. Some of the melodies are hard-hitting while others are juxtaposed to this, they are delicate but just as important.

The song is built around lots of individual pieces coming together seamlessly as a whole. There is a stunning section where the beat pulls away and the delicate melody is left which then also disappears. This is followed by the beat kicking back in and the melody returns with minor inflections to it. A wonderful composition which offers something surprising around each corner. There are so many glorious layers of texture created by the innovative instrumentation, each listen introduces something new and unexpected. Just how APKLYPZ has gone about composing such an intricate piece of work, we are unsure. The effects are long lasting and the emotions provoked will stay with the listener for a long time after.

APKLYPZ describes himself as an audiovisual artist, this is well demonstrated on this release. The visuals which accompany the song are simply stunning. The colour tones he has used are mesmerising and infatuating. There are yellow colours mixed with black to create a colour pallet which is instantly recognisable as the end of summer moving into autumn. The richness and depth of detail are emotive and vibrant throughout making for a thoroughly engaging piece of art.

It is clear APKLYPZ is a seriously talented artist. Not only in the audio sense of artistry but also the visuals. He has a stunning talent which enables him to marry together both elements seamlessly and create a piece of art which is timeless.

As winter approaches we recommend checking out this excellent release. ‘Golden Spiralverse’ will take you to a warm and inviting place which will have you reaching for the repeat button all winter long.

Reviewed by FVReviews November 2018


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Luxury Eviction – ‘Master of None’ 

Luxury_Eviction_cover.jpg‘Master of None’ is the excellent new release by Luxury Eviction. Due for release on 8th January 2019, the album is a collection of emotional and thoughtful songs which speak to the soul and will have you reaching for the repeat button.

Based in Huntsville, AL, Luxury Eviction describe their music as, ‘Ambient-Electro-Folk-Rock-Cyber-Steampunk-Transgenre-Alt-Assault’, we think this is a pretty accurate description but there is most certainly even more in between.

The album opens with the title track, ‘Master of None’. It is a spellbinding song which fades in and grows in stature as time continues. It is a full band song with piano, bass, drums and stunning vocals. The vocal performance takes the centre stage and it harbours beautiful dissonant twists and turns throughout. The piano offers similar uncomfortable notes which add texture to the backing. There is a lot of reverb on the vocals, this aids the emotional performance and there are luscious harmonies to be devoured on the chorus too.

We adored the track, ‘Dragonflies in Hurricanes’, there are nice subtle touches to be heard such as the nature sounds at the beginning. The vocal performance is breathy and it lays across super synths. The synths sweep in and out of the sound leaving their mark as they go. We hear a voice which has a vocoder type effect on it and the overall feel is slow, laid back and melancholic.

‘On Your Tongue’ showcases, the skill the piano player possesses. The piano part is intricate ad and delicate, yet hard-hitting when it needs to be. The piece ebbs and flows beautifully and we found it incredibly moving.

‘Could Be Worse’ is our favourite song on the record. Located towards the end of the album, it is the pinnacle of the piece. The piano is again melancholic and dissonant creating texture as it plays on. The vocals are filled with emotion too. The bass and drums add a brand new dimension when they kick in and are the harmonies are simply wonderful. We loved the chord changes in the chorus, they are unexpected and the bridge changes to major which is a nice touch. We can hear Tori Amos’s influence on the track, yet it still makes for a sound which is undeniably Luxury Eviction.

So wash those January blues away and dive head first into this soul feeding release. You will not be disappointed!

Reviewed by FVReviews November 2018

Cashing In Karma – ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ 

44832320_2021436217899883_2671952588529729536_nCashing in Karma have released their superb brand new EP ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ on 2nd November 2018. The 7 track EP is a collection of sublime songs, all of which are catchy and memorable. One listen and you will be hooked for good!

The trio opens ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ with the song, ‘Liar Liar’. It has a hard-hitting opening with the listener being exposed to vocals, guitars, bass, and drums from the get-go. The skill in their musicianship is evident from the beginning and there are layers of texture throughout this first introduction. There is innovation in the composition too, before the first chorus we hear an instrumental. This is very unusual structurally but Cashing In Karma have ensured this works beautifully.

Our favourite tracks are difficult to pick as each of the songs have single potential. If we were forced to choose, ‘Yesterday Didn’t Work’ is simply stunning. The solo fat kick opening which is layered by a double-tracked solo guitar is a big bold statement. The vocals are then layered with lots of luscious reverb and the entire song feels new and refreshing. ‘Here I stay’ is another classic song in the making. The guitars drive the pace along with staccato guitar parts and it also features stunning female vocals too.

‘B.S.D’ feels like a showcase of the excellent musicianship Cashing in Karma possess. Each of their parts stands out on their own as well as working as a collective. The final song, ‘The Sound’ is exquisite. We hear the Guitar and Bass playing the same parts in different octaves and the vocals are skillful and characterful throughout. There is a big catchy chorus with all of the instrumentation working together beautifully and the layered vocals adding unique touches. It is on this track that we also hear the EP’s title lyrics, ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’. Sublime.

Based in Lakewood, WA, Cashing In Karma are a band with whom we can hear many different influences running through their songs. From Royal Blood to the Arctic Monkeys, to the Foo Fighters, Cashing In Karma make for a sound which is undeniably theirs.

Checkout Cashing in Karma’s brand new EP ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ today, they are a band destined for big things.

Reviewed by FVReviews November 2018





Ying-Ting Luo – ‘Dark Journey’ 

39976822_1350232335109028_377673701451104256_n.jpgYing-Ting Luo has released her incredible album ‘Dark Journey’. The body of work is a fascinating and scintillating collection of songs which are a masterclass in composition and arrangements. Classical in nature, ‘Dark Journey’ makes the genre accessible for many people who would not naturally gravitate to classical music. It is an impressive skill Ying-Ting Luo has.

The 11 track release takes the listener on a voyage of discovery with each individual track having its own character and identity. The opening song ‘The Suitcase’, is dark and mysterious in nature, much like its title. The strings, horns and big percussion work together to create a song which is filled with passion and mystery.

We also loved, ‘Let’s Dance’. With a tango feel to it the piano and percussion offer a suitable backdrop for the superb flute to take the melody. There are harmonies running throughout the piece which offer layers of texture and interest. There are also ominous pauses which add to the uncertain nature and the dark undertones at the end. These reflect and reiterate the sinister elements further.

Unsurprisingly, ‘Train to Death’ feels dark and uneasy with the beating of the bass drum adding suspense. The strings and horns play off against one another and the tension lies in the tempo. It picks up speed and pulls away in a magnificent twist of fortunes. Simply wonderful.

‘The Killer in the Desert’ has a middle eastern influence which features a fun and dancing piano. The strings offer the eerie elements and then darkness suddenly descends. Is this the murder taking place? We certainly hope so!

‘The Dangerous Sex’ is another special track. There is a phenomenal harp opening which creates a sweeping and luscious sound. The solo piano is well juxtaposed and offers a delicate and soft touch. Song composition at its best.

Just how Ying-Ting Luo manages to get so much emotion and character into each piece is amazing in itself. It is no wonder she has a bachelor degree in flute performance from one of the most prestigious schools in Taiwan; Taipei National University of the Arts. She also graduated with honors from the Berklee College of Music, where she studied film & video game scoring. Ying-Ting Luo currently resides in New York, where she works in the film and game scoring industry.

Ying-Ting Luo is a name which you will want to remember, she is most certainly destined for even bigger things.

Reviewed by FVReviews November 2018

Grave Robbert

IMG_20181023_103921_202We have bee lucky enough to be able to review two tracks by the band  Grave Robbert. He is Horror/Metal/Rock in genre and an absolute scream to listen to!

The first song, ‘Midnight Road’ is a gentle and delicate piece. It has a solo piano opening which then features a gorgeous female voice. The two duet, creating emotion and stunning artistry. There is a subtle but necessary amount of reverb on the vocals, it allows them room to breathe and highlights the stunning tone the singer possesses.

We hear a guitar enter in the second verse, this adds another layer of texture. Then on the chorus, we hear the addition of strings which help all of the instrumentation flow together as one cohesive piece. It is clever composition. There are uplifting major chords to enjoy which are swiftly followed by minor ones. This adds a further layer of sadness to the piece and it is an enthralling journey which the listener is taken on.

Versatility is shown in abundance in the two tracks we have reviewed. The second song, ‘When The Bell Tolls One’ is a complete juxtaposition in styles. This track is screamo /metal in style. It opens with an ominous bell toll giving the listener the feeling the song is set in a graveyard. Next, we hear an electric guitar playing single chords and the drums slowly make their entrance. The bass adds rhythm and stability to the piece. The kick drum is syncopated and feels unpredictable in the beginning. The drums then become very tom-heavy and a whispering voice enters.

There are layers of emotion being given from all of the instrumentation. It is a dark song which speaks of death and at times a welcomely uneasy listen. The guitar solo is squealing and full of melody. The guitar riffs evolve as the song progresses and they become marching towards the end. Every element has a big sound but also its own space in the mix. The song ends on a fade out, followed by a thunderstorm sound and howling winds. Excellent writing.

Influenced by Alice Cooper, Wednesday 13 and, Lizzy Borden, Grave Robbert makes for a sound that is undeniably his. Grave Robbert is versatile and far-reaching in his compositions which will appeal to a lot of folks from many different backgrounds. The skill and talent demonstrated in these two songs alone show what incredible skill Grave Robbert possesses. We can not wait to hear what comes next from this superb artist.

Reviewed by FVReviews November 2018