Brian Beecher – ‘Lady of the Books’

American musician Brian Beecher is a brilliant songwriter and performer. We have been lucky enough to review his song ‘Lady of the Books’. It is a gentle acoustic track with soul at its heart.

‘Lady Of the Books’ opens to the sound of a well rounded acoustic guitar being picked. It is also accompanied by synth strings which add a new dimension to the piece and delicately reinforce the guitars beautiful landscape sound. We found the instrumentation to be minimalistic but extremely effective, it leaves room for Beecher’s voice to shine. We adored the tone to Beecher’s voice, he has a strong American accent which is gentle yet still demands the listeners’ full attention. There is a very subtle use of percussion on the choruses which added further depth and helps to drive the song along.

We also discovered subtle and clever techniques Beecher uses to make the sound run smoothly. The crossover between the verses and choruses sees two vocal takes and they ever so slightly overlap one another. This makes for a pleasing and smooth transition between the two parts.

One thing is for sure; Beecher is an excellent storyteller at the top of his game. He describes this song as being, “Inspired by a conversation I had with one of the librarians at my local library on her last day on the job.” From this one conversation, Beecher and his wonderful imagination have carefully crafted a thoughtful and detailed look into this ladies life. The song finds hidden emotions and touches on a relatable feeling. His choice of lyrics are also a stroke of genius. There are true gems scattered throughout the song, such as, “”she still wears a touch of regret on her sleeve,” all of these touches add up to a stunning piece of poetry.

‘Lady of the Books’ demonstrates what a talented composer Beecher is. He has a natural ability to take a passing conversation and create a world around it. Stunning. This 5-minute song feels longer in presence and ends on a gentle fade which will have you reaching for the repeat button.

Make sure you check out this talent today, we are sure Brian Beecher will be a name you will hear a lot more of in the future. We can not wait to hear what will come next from such a special artist.

Reviewed by FVReviews March 2019

The Don Kap interview

We were lucky enough to catch up with the artist, The Don Kap. Find our interview to read below.

Tell us about yourself?

My name is The Don Kap and I have Hawk Eyes and a Dog’s Nose (I see and sniff fake people out instantly and from afar)

What is your songwriting process?

I create subject matter and/or lists of content I’d Like to speak about. Then I find and lease a fire beat that is to my liking (I have golden ears) Then it takes me about an hour to come up with the hook and then finally the verses.

What is the best gig you have ever played?

I don’t perform live. I do stand up and speeches.

Tell us about your latest release?

‘Cannot Listen (Fake People Diss)’ is a song I wrote during a breakup with a best friend of over 20 years. He ended up being the fakest person ever and I saw right through him. He was jealous of me, he was always trying to one-up me, he was always playing ego games. Just a terrible friend. I don’t know why I put up with it so long, I guess because I was insecure. Now I see the light! Bye Bye Fakes. 

Funniest gig moment?

Performing at a club in NYC with my grandparents there. My grandfather got an eye infection from the excitement I believe. 

What message do you think your music conveys to your fans?

Bye Bye Fakes! The Don Kap is here to bring Justice and substance back to rap. 

Who are your musical influences?

The Lonely Island and Future.

Who are your non-musical influences?

Donald Trump, Howard Stern, Jerry Seinfeld

What do you think are the biggest obstacles for bands/artists today?

Being p******. 

What advice would you give to other bands/artists starting out?

Focus on an income first. 

What are your hopes for the next 2 years?

Perform in space. 

If you’d like to catch up further with The Don Kap, either on earth or in space, you can check him out here:

@thedonkap insta

@trustthedon twitter

Interviewed by FVReviews April 2019

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Alaska MC feat Adante – ‘Go Get It’ 

Attachment_1553698409Alaska MC has teamed up with Adante to release the brand new single ‘Go Get It’. This magnificent collaboration sees a unique and captivating track which is destined to be a big hit this summer.

‘Go Get It’ has a mysterious opening with the vague hum of a track being heard in the distance. We later discover it is the chorus of ‘Go Get It’ being teased in the introduction. A clever and inviting beginning which is swiftly followed by the main event.

Alaska and Adante are introduced in the beginning which is a nice touch and this is proceeded by the catchy chorus. It sees Adante singing, her voice is silky and ear catchy with a melody which is instantly recognisable. Adante introduces the classy feel to the song which is further felt once Alaska enters. Alaska is responsible for the verses, his rapping style is free-flowing and full of character. He has a gruffness to his voice which adds further colour and texture to the piece.

The chorus vocals have been double tracked in places and there are also layers of luscious harmonies to be devoured. The synths have been well programmed and engineered. The percussion is strong, setting a recognisable beat accompanied by infectious melodies throughout. We adored the rich and heavy bass which drives the song along and this is juxtaposed to a short and snappy snare and lively high hats. A wonderful balance and harmony have been reached between each individual part. This is further elevated by the wonderful mix, production and mastering. Each instrument has its own space in the mix while also being able to shine on its own. Both Alaska and Adante’s parts are the shining stars and one thing is for sure, ‘Go Get It’ will have you reaching for the repeat button!

We must also mention the video which accompanies the release. It has a slick and professional feel to it and it compliments the song wonderfully. These are two extremely talented individuals, who when working together have made an especially magical track.

This single is most certainly going to be big this summer so join the crest of the wave today and check out ‘Go Get It’ ASAP!

Reviewed by FVReviews March 2019

Twitter: @Alaskamc

Facebook: Alaskamc

Sienná – ‘What Matters’ 


Sienná is a phenomenal artist from Kyoto, Japan and currently residing in Oslo, Norway. Her latest single, ‘What Matters’ is a 6-minute masterclass in songwriting and composition.

The single opens to the sound of a solo voice with a feeling of calm. The tone of the voice initially feels sampled but it is soon accompanied by an infectious beat and further melodies which sees all of the elements fitting together beautifully. The kick drum is lively and feels like the heartbeat of the song. It is strong and dependable throughout with the addition of shakers to provide the integral beat.

We also hear magical stringed instruments dancing in and out adding texture to the piece. Synths are heard to begin with, they sound like a wave swimming into the piece. They have been mixed to either side of the audio spectrum and alternate their presence wonderfully.

We adored the section with the layered and mixed vocals. They create harmonies between themselves and are an unexpected twist to the piece. They work together tirelessly building texture and interest.

During the final 3rd of the song, a short snare enters and the beat becomes fuller. There are staccato synth rhythms and those gorgeous harmonies reappear too. The solo on the synth carries a beautiful melody. The instrumentation on the track pulls away toward the end taking the piece full circle.

Sienná is an artist who is experimental and continuously evolving. Her sound is clever and mature. The journey the listener is taken on during this song is a prime example of this. The track does not stand still, it is always moving, changing shape and texture. This is exactly what makes Sienná a truly exceptional and interesting artist. She never stands still and is always pressing forward. ‘What Matters’ was also written, performed, produced, mixed and mastered by Sienná/Anneis Studio. This song demonstrates the tip of the iceberg to her talents. We can not wait to see what comes next from such an exciting artist.

Make sure you take time to check ‘What Matters’ out today. It is music to feed the soul and you will not be disappointed!

Reviewed by FVReviews March 2019

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Addisyn Chafé – ‘When We Fall In Love’ Single 

LostAddisyn Chafé is a songwriter based in Austin, Texas. She is releasing her phenomenal single, ‘When We Fall In Love’ which has been taken from the 6 song EP ‘Lost’.

‘When We Fall In Love’ opens to the sound of an atmospheric guitar. The guitar has been heavily doctored with reverb and delay which gives ambience to the sound. We are then introduced to Addisyn Chafé’s silky, smooth and angelic vocals. Addisyn Chafé has the type of voice which you could listen to her singing the phone book and it wouldn’t matter. Her voice is enticing and welcoming with passion and varying levels of intensity. She converts emotion effortlessly and is able to keep the listener’s attention easily.

The lyrics on this single are relatable and knowledgeable throughout. There are gorgeous lines such as, “Say see you laters, not goodbyes.” Always clever and never dull. They fit seamlessly with the music too. The guitars stay a constant throughout with a beautiful baseline giving colour to the piece. There are also additions of a xylophone, drums and cymbals which are all sparse in their offerings but add layers and textures without being overwhelming. All of the instrumentation is subtle but necessary. They do not overpower or overwhelm but add seasoning to the piece.

The choruses are particularly interesting, they are driving and building colours constantly. We found the vocals on these parts are also full, they are double tracked adding to the intensity and impact of the song.

‘When We Fall In Love’ is essentially a love song at its core, where the vocals take centre stage to everything else. The mix, production and mastering all make for a sound which is crisp, clear and concise from the atmospheric beginning to the fade-out ending.

We will most certainly be checking out the rest of this EP based on how much we adored the single. We will also be keeping an eye on what comes next from this talented artist. So join us and check out ‘When We Fall In Love’ today!

Reviewed by FVReviews March 2019

Rob Georg – ‘Dust’ Single 

dust_cover_finaljpg‘Dust’ is the latest single to be released by Rob Georg. This magnificent artist is based in Tuebingen and here we have discovered a song which is essentially a heavy Country Rock track which will have your toe tapping from the get-go.

The song opens to a guitar effect which fades into a big rock sound. This stamps the feel of the song from the beginning and paves the way for the vocals to enter. We found the vocal performance to be smooth yet gritty with honest and relatable lyrics. There is a strong cowboy theme running through the song with timeless, classic lyrics such as, ‘Cowboys don’t cry, we just get dust in our eyes.’ We adore this style of lyrical composition and feel it will resonate with a many people. We found the chorus to be especially catchy with the use of accented notes to engage the audience.

The drums have a big production sound to them and they provide a backbone to the song well. Especially the kick drum, which has a thick uncompromising sound. Simply divine. The bass is subtle but integral to the sound. The guitars are another shining star to the piece. They are big and imposing when they need to be but also pull back allowing for the vocals to shine in the verses. There are layered guitar pieces which add texture to the piece and on each listen we heard new parts. The use of palm muting and subtle fill-in licks are executed well and add colour to the piece.

‘Dust’ has been mixed, mastered and produced to a very high standard and we could hear this song being used on radio and/or for use in TV/Film. It is a beautifully versatile song and it is most certainly a classic song in the making. We can not wait to hear what comes next from such an exciting artist. Our fingers are crossed for an album. So make sure you check out this exciting release today!

Reviewed by FVReviews March 2019










Ren Daversa – ‘Saltwater’ 

61FWdXv1s9L._SS500_‘Saltwater’ is the debut solo release by San Diego based musician Ren Daversa. Released on Rennie D. Music, it is a collection of emotions and situations. They have been penned to audio bliss accompanied by beautiful melodies and luscious harmonies.

The album opens with the divine track, ‘Oceans of You’. It is a strong opening track which prepares the listeners for what is to come. We hear Ren’s trademark vocals and catchy acoustic guitar. There is a staccato rhythm which draws in the listener’s attention and keeps it throughout. The chorus is catchy and it will have you singing along in no time!

‘Heart to Heart’ is a standout song. It has a comfortable groove and double hit snare throughout which creates texture. The electric lead guitar is strong throughout and helps to guide and mould feeling into the track. The electric guitar always compliments the vocals and never overpowers them. Just the correct balance has been struck. ‘Firelight’ is also a song which demands your attention and will have you reaching for the repeat button. We also adored the song, ‘Cut and Dried’ which has a Joan Baez feel to it. Always a good thing! It is a song for fighters and is relatable and enjoyable.

One recurring strong point on each track is the vocals. Ren Daversa has deep emotion in her delivery and the harmonies on each song are simply stunning. The instrumentation is full when it needs to be but also cuts away to let the vocals shine when it is called for.

During these 9 tracks, 36 minutes in total, we hear music which is thoughtful, thought-provoking and well crafted. Ren’s website states how hard she has worked on her composition skills for this album. She has delivered songs which are relatable and songs which will resonate with many people. It is a beautiful piece of work which needs to be heard.

Ren is the former frontwoman of San Diego based band, ‘The Good China’. You can hear in her performance the passion and conviction she has developed from being a frontwoman and these skills have been transferred to this solo record.

Make sure you check out this magnificent release today, you will not be disappointed!

Reviewed by FVReviews March 2019