‘Phoenix’ – Ny7ven  

me‘Phoenix’ is the brand new release from the exhilarating electronic artist Ny7ven. The song is in the electronic and experimental genre and is a thoroughly enjoyable 4:36 in length. This release is most certainly pushing boundaries and blurring the defining lines between genres in the most welcoming way.

‘Phoenix’ opens to the dark and mysterious sound of synths. It sets the tone for the track as a whole and creates interest and grabs the listeners attention from the get-go. We adored the descending baseline which appears next and stays throughout the song. The beat then enters alongside the luscious vocals.

Ny7ven’s voice is one of the main highlights of the track. It has a gorgeous tone and layered characteristics to it. Her voice is smooth and laid back but it hits hard when needed. The repeated line, ‘‘Oh won’t you show me how to fly’ really stuck with us and this shows the high level of songwriting and performance talent which is displayed here. Her performance is breathy and soulful with enough presence for the listener to inhale and become mesmerised by.

The beat is provided in the form of electronic drums. The bass, snare, high hats and block all make for an interesting sound. Just the right amounts of compression, reverb, and delay have been applied and they bring the track together as a whole.

At the end of ‘Phoenix’ we hear the carefully crafted layers cut back. First, the drums fall away and we are left with the synths and backing vocals, we then conclude to a gentle fade. It is an exquisite ending, reminiscent of the opening and it makes the track feel like it has come full circle. It leaves the listener wanting more! It will have you reaching for the repeat button!

The talent that Ny7ven has is undeniable on this single. Not only has she composed, arranged and recorded ‘Phoenix’, she has also produced the release. It feels as though Ny7ven is reinventing and innovating the electronic genre for 2018. Each of the many layers of instrumentation has its own space in the mix and shines in its own way, whether that be subtly in the background or staring in the front of the mix.

During this track, the listener can most certainly hear the ‘Phoenix’ rising from the ashes, being rebuilt and getting ready to push forward. We thoroughly recommend checking out this exciting single today! With an artist as talented as Ny7ven, we will be watching with great anticipation to see what comes next!

Reviewed by FVReviews October 2018



‘Heartbreak Diaries’ – Ohxzy, Jack Gutteridge 

Attachment_1538923145‘Heartbreak Diaries’ is the new EP release from the phenomenally talented Ohxzy and Jack Gutteridge. The 6 track EP is a moving, dark and emotional glimpse into one person’s heartbreak diary. It is relatable and honest throughout and would appeal to many different ages and genders.

The EP opens with the track ‘Heartbreak Interlude’ which is used to set the scene beautifully as to what is to come. We hear a superbly well-played acoustic guitar, snare drum, then the vocals. Next, the gorgeous backing vocals kick in and elevate the sound. The song ends with a solo vocal which is haunting and atmospheric.

‘Skipping Pages’ features similar instrumentation with the vocals shining at the heart of the piece. The performance and delivery of the vocals are spellbinding. They sing from the heart, the rap is eloquent and there are wonderful cadences to be heard throughout. They speak of tough subjects such as depression and death but they do it in such a way where the listener can relate and doesn’t feel so alone.

‘Am I Alive’ again features a beautifully played acoustic guitar. It talks about anxiety over a thick bass kick, claps, and interweaving instrumentation. The kick gets faster at one point echoing a heartbeat until everything cuts away and it is just the delicious vocals left to digest at the end. Blissful.

‘Voices’ features an electric guitar with a jangling sound and is a different avenue for the listener to go down. We loved ‘WhothefukisDaniel’, it is possibly our favourite track on the EP. It feels beautifully aggressive, emotional and raw. There are gorgeous strings to be heard which are present throughout. They harmonise with each other and have been divinely composed to shine on their own as well as an accompaniment to the luscious vocals.

The final track ‘Allstar’ features an appearance from the artist Jude Ellen. Her vocals work well with the male vocals and compliment each other throughout. They sing in unison together in different octaves and create new textures. They have been mixed beautifully to opposite sides of the mix giving them space to shine alone as well as with one another. There is a trapp syncopated beat behind the vocals, electric guitars and the entire track works together seamlessly.

This is music that speaks to you. If you are in a dark place it makes you feel less alone. If you have previously been in a dark place, it is a reminder of that time with the benefit of knowing there is always a way out the other side again. We strongly advise you check out this magnificent EP today.

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A&L – ‘We Are Love’

We_are_love.jpgA&L have released their superb new single ‘We Are Love’. The band was founded by Anthony Casuccio and Lana Marie, two seasoned music professionals. They are joined by Rich Smith and Matt Sunick to complete the formidable lineup. This latest release is the 8th single to be released by the band and is a showcase of their undeniable talent.

The song opens with a solo acoustic guitar which is soon accompanied by a gorgeous string arrangement and piano riff. Next, we hear the delicious vocals kick in. Lana Marie’s voice is rich, deep and nourishing. It is most definitely a shining star in the piece! The vocals reference ‘John Lennon’ at one point and we can feel a Beatles influence during the song.  Blissful.

We adored the bridge, it is catchy in nature and will have you humming along all day. The chorus has brilliant double-tracked vocals and is where we hear the bass and drums enter. The middle 8 has wonderful chord changes from minor to major which are unexpected but add texture and further depth to the piece. Next, we hear an impressive guitar solo. It is melodic but has a different melody to what we have heard from the vocals previously. It is stunning and draws the listeners ear to it instantaneously.

We must mention the divine video which accompanies the piece. It has footage of the band playing live, with scenes of riots, love, war and many other juxtaposed scenes in between. The message of peace shines throughout and it is a must watch video, one not to be missed!

The musicianship on ‘We Are Love’ is excellent and to a very high standard. The bass and drums lay at the heartbeat of the track, they are tight and in sync with each other throughout. You can hear the band feeding off of one another and the unity within their playing. The song has been well constructed and it takes the listener on ups and downs throughout the piece with one message at the heart of it; love.

In a world in which we live today, we are in need of some love. This song has it in abundance! So whatever you do today, make sure you check out ‘We Are Love’, you won’t regret it.

Reviewed by FVReviews October 2018






Trio of Awesuhm – ‘Cowboys&aliens’

Trio_of_Awesome_phixrTrio of Awesuhm released their latest album on 19th April 2018. Entitled ‘Cowboys&aliens’, the album is a collection of wonderful melodies, creative talented musicians and harmonious harmonies.

‘Cowboys&aliens’ opens with the track, ‘Last Night’. It is a magnificent opening song with sleek vocals, relatable lyrics, and driving instrumentation. The drums really make this song shine. In each section, they are doing something different whether it be playing 16ths on the high hats, hitting the rim of the snare or tom fills in the second verse. They show talent and versatility throughout. It is also a brilliant introduction to some of the other instruments we will encounter during the duration of the album such as guitars, bass, and piano.

‘Love Everybody’ is a stand out track. It has an upbeat message from the get-go and magnificent musicianship makes the song a classic. We hear an acoustic guitar opening with interesting percussion and gorgeous piano fills. The harmonica is a joy and the lyrics are so catchy it is bound to have you singing along in no time!

Our favourite song is, ‘Just Hurting’. It is a laid back tune with an honest and introspective feel to the lyrics. The distorted guitar in the background gives the piece texture and the harmonies are so luscious they are truly music for the soul. The slide guitar also sets this song apart from the crowd. It has a warming, inviting but also a melancholy quality to it and the piano is simply gorgeous.

The closing song, ‘Mighty Waters’ is also a special track. It has a bass opening with a folk feel. Heavily ladened with violins, energetic drums, and interesting solos. The song is a fitting conclusion to a magnificent album.

The production on the album is so wonderful. It is crisp throughout and allows each instrument to shine in its own way. The drums have a strong and durable sound as they provide the backbone to the songs. The violins, guitars, and harmonica accompany when they are needed and shine when it’s their time to take a solo. The vocals are warm and inviting throughout. They remind us of Mary Chapin Carpenter in places and also we can hear elements of ABBA mixed in too. Having said all of this, do not be confused, Trio of Awesuhm have a sound all of their own!

Understandably, ‘Cowboys&aliens’ is currently receiving radio airplay from all corners of the globe! So join the wave, take some time out and check out this magnificent album today! You will not be disappointed!

Reviewed by FVReviews October 2018




SNY – ‘I Might’ 

SNY I Might‘I Might’ is the brilliant new single by the Australian hip-hop artist SNY. It has a laid-back party vibe and would be a fitting addition to any playlist!

‘I Might’ begins with gorgeous synths in the style of strings playing staccato rhythms. They set the tone of the song beautifully from the get-go. The snare is short and snappy, drawing your ear to it each time. We adored the bass, it has a thick vibrating quality to it. Blissful. The kick drum has a lively syncopated rhythm which is juxtaposed to the laid-back feel of the rest of the track. This creates layers of texture and interest for the listener.

The chorus is the first vocals we hear. They are repetitive and catchy in the most welcoming way! The lyrics feel free-flowing in the verse and they showcase what an exceptional talent SNY is. We hear the synths reappearing throughout the song, always complimenting the vocals and never intruding upon them. They feature as the star in the instrumentals and during the verses they vibe along in the background, intoxicating and warming.

Produced by Droyd (@droyddiddat), ‘I Might’ has a crisp and clear production. The instruments have been mixed extremely well, each has their own space in the mix and shine in their own way. The track would be suited in many different situations from house parties to super clubs. Its unique characteristics are unparalleled in music today and make for an extremely enjoyable listen.

SNY is truly innovating hip-hop for 2018. His natural style and ability are what set him apart from the crowd. The free-flowing melodies in his raps and perfect cadences make for a style all of his own. He is an exciting talent and is one to watch for the future.

We strongly advise checking out the video to this awesome track too. Available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1ZFGawVeKM&feature=youtu.be the video is the perfect accompaniment to a great song. Directed buy Benm/RC, the magnificent video is set in Rodeo Drive and has a young party vibe. There are scenes in a house party too and it is bound to get anyone in the mood for a night out!

With such a strong single and video from this exciting artist, we can not wait to see what comes next!

Reviewed by FVReviews September 2018




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Greg Herriges – ‘Revel & Ritual: Holiday Music for the World’ 

280a35b4-01b1-4d52-a38a-1646324664dc_phixrWe have had the great honor and privilege to review the latest release by Greg Herriges, “Revel & Ritual: Holiday Music for the World”. It is an eclectic look at music from around the world, crossing continents and genres to create a wonderful album which has something for everyone.

The album is a collection of traditional and original music for the holidays. It is extremely special because it is music for holidays of many faiths, places, and seasons, including Hanukkah, Holi, Ashura, Chinese and Ukrainian New Year, Sakura Matsuri, Basque and Catalan Christmas carols, and the Winter Solstice to name but a few!

The album opens with the track, ‘Birjina Gaztetto Bat Zegoen’ which is primarily about a Basque Christian song. First, we hear a skillful guitar/sitar opening which is followed but percussion and staccato rhythm which gives the song texture. There is an Asian influence to the piece, impressive finger picking on the guitar and djembe beat. It all works together in harmony throughout and is an impressive opening track.

We adored the song, ‘Sakura Sakura’. It is a magical track which opens to the sound of harmonics being plucked on a guitar. dissonant sounding notes ring out with clashing chords which make for an uneasy feeling at times but always resolves itself eventually. The composition and arrangements marry together extremely well. The song is different from anything we have heard up until this point, making for surprising and unexpected turns.

‘Sevivon Sov Sov Sov’ is another exceptional track. It has a Russian feel which is aided by the marching snare drums. They, in turn, echo the staccato rhythm. The song gets faster as it marches along until the end where it slows right down again. This constant change in tempo adds further layers of depth and interest to the song. You can feel Herriges having fun with the piece, he plays with the listener in the most welcomed way.

‘Foom, Foom, Foom’ has an acoustic ragtime feel to it. The root and 5th bass line drive the song along while the rest of the thoroughly impressive musicianship can be digested and enjoyed. Simply magical.

The closing track is called, ’Shchedryk’. It is an impressive 8 minutes in length and we hear a more traditional western Christmas melody but with a few surprises along the way! The bass line shines here as do the layers of growing harmonies and vocals. There is an abrupt ending leaving the listener wanting more! What a tease!

‘Revel & Ritual: Holiday Music for the World’ is world music at its very best. The arrangements are innovative and cross-cultural throughout. The skill and talent Herriges has are here to be enjoyed in abundance. This album is destined to be enjoyed at any time of the year, so make sure you check it out today!

Reviewed by FVReviews September 2018


Anna Lee & the Authority – ‘The Waves’


‘The Waves’ is the latest powerful release from Anna Lee & the Authority. The song is a description of watching someone die and the aftermath of losing them. As dark as this sounds, Anna Lee & the Authority skilfully manage to empower the situation.

‘The Waves’ begins with a sound from nature – a storm. The wind and rain can be heard as two electric guitars are heard. This use of nature sets the scene brilliantly for the subject matter to be discussed during the song. The guitars are surrounded by luscious reverb and have been panned to separate sides of the audio spectrum. They are playing two separate parts but they continuously work in harmony together, never clashing and always complimenting each other. Next, we hear the sultry and commanding vocals from Anna Lee.

Anna Lee’s voice on this track is controlled and breathy and is a masterclass in performance. with such a dark subject matter it would be easy to be swept along in a depression of loss but Anna Lee’s voice does not let this happen. Oozing with command and empowerment throughout, the listener is guided through the dark and taken to another place. Lyrics such as, ‘Death came and showed us the way’ takes away the fear and puts some hope back into the darkness. It is an extremely well-composed song, hard-hitting and complex.

There is further instrumentation as the track progresses. More guitars are added, this time in the sound of acoustics. They again have completely separate parts but all work together in harmony. At one point we counted at least 4 guitars playing at the same time, due to the excellent composition, they build layers of audio bliss and never impose on one another. They have been mixed so well that they each fit beautifully into their own space in the production. We also hear a kick drum which feels like the heartbeat of the song. Later there is a snare too, again with lots of wonderful reverb used perfectly to enhance the sound.

Near the end, the instrumentation pulls away and we get to hear a chorus which is sung acapella by Anna Lee. This really is time for the vocals to shine on their own. When the instrumentation kicks back in the song builds to its climax. At the very end, ’The Waves’ finishes with feedback, a great ending to a brilliant song.

With a single as strong as this one, we can not wait to hear what will come next from these exciting artists!

Reviewed by FVReviews September 2018