Monkey Mind – ‘Monkey Mind’ (EP) 

ep coverMonkey Mind has released their divine self titled EP and we have been lucky enough to review it. The 4 track EP takes the listener on a journey through personal and heartfelt accounts of everyday trials set to a backdrop of Melodic Rock.

‘Monkey Mind’ opens with the song, ‘Hear the Silence’. It is an atmospheric song which is moving from beginning to end. First, we hear the sound of howling winds which sets the scene beautifully. We hear mysterious and dissonant guitars in places, Big choruses which hit hard and masterfully layered instrumentation. We were impressed with the guitar solo which showcases an incredibly melodic and accomplished musician.

‘Own Tomorrow’ opens with a solo electric guitar, followed by a solo which is reminiscent of Santana in style. The vocals shine on this piece and the listener is able to hear emotion and tone in abundance. The final verse hears the vocals with a telephone effect on them. This is well executed and adds texture to the piece.

‘Feel like Movin’ On’ feels like an introspective and personal piece. There is wonderful space in the mix with the vocals and lead guitar playing off of one another. From the first listen, it is a singalong track which will be stuck in your head all day – in the best way!

The final song, ‘The Call’ features Monkey Mind’s trademark sound and with a big and emotional chorus as the centre piece. It is a piece filled with complexity and depth with a stunning vocal performance to enhance it further.

The band is comprised of Christodoulos Pavlides – Vocals/ Electric guitar, Andreas Georgiou – Lead Guitar, Chris T. – Bass and Doros Foks – Drums. All of these musicians are at the top of their respective games. They play wonderfully alone but when they come together as a unit something very special occurs.

‘Monkey Mind’ has been produced by Sofianos Charalambides (Studio 35) and Co-produced/Arranged by Andreas Georgiou, Monkey Mind. The recording, mixing and, mastering has been provided by Sofianos Charalambides. The engineers have made an EP which is rich and warm in tone and lets each of the instrumentation shine in their own right. Top class.

It is easy to see why this EP has been self-titled, it is a true representation of the band and what they are about: the music. So kick off 2019 in style and check out ‘Monkey Mind’ by Monkey Mind today!

Reviewed by FVReviews January 2019

Plastic Teardrops – ‘Close To The Ground’ 

a2988883699_10The intriguingly named Plastic Teardrops is releasing his album ‘Close To The Ground’ on 1st January 2019. We have been lucky enough to hear the album before its official release date and what a mighty listen it was!

Based in Barcelona, Plastic Teardrops is well known for his infusion of Trip-hop, Downtempo, Acoustic and Blues. All of these genres can be felt on ‘Close To The Ground’ and work seamlessly together to create a magnificent piece of work.

The album opens with the song, ‘Falling Together’. The track is a wonderful introduction to the musical power force that Plastic Teardrops is. The separate instrumentation builds and creates layers of interest to be enjoyed. The song is extremely atmospheric and emotional with a beautiful vibe to the piece.

There are so many great tracks to pick from but we adored the song, ‘There Is No Escape’, it is stunning. The opening provides space for the vocals to shine and the full spectrum of their tones to be enjoyed. The rhythmical Cajon works well with the guitars and the track is varied and innovative throughout. We also loved, ‘Next Level’. The melody which the organ produces is luscious and the double-tracked vocals and dissonant piano notes all make for an enchanting song.

‘You Saved Me’ is the final song on the record. The descending acoustic guitar chords on the verse are stunning and the vocals shine superbly. There is an excellent slide guitar solo. This solo finds unexpected notes creating interest and intrigue as to what will come next. Brilliant.

‘Close To The Ground’ is steeped with majestic rhythms and luscious beats which fill the entire sound spectrum. The 10 track album is a masterclass in composition and performance. Each element has been meticulously thought about and the entire album is filled with character and charm. Plastic Teardrops is not only a talented composer and performer, but he is also an incredible producer. These skills are available to enjoy in abundance on this record.

We have no doubt, ‘Close To The Ground’ is going to be an album to look out for in 2019. So get ahead of the crowd and take some time on New Years Day to look up this wonderful release!

Reviewed by FVReviews December 2018





Tough On Fridays – ‘Live At Texas Indie Fest’  


The Texas-based duo Tough On Fridays are set to release their EP ‘Live At Texas Indie Fest’ and it is a thoroughly enjoyable listen.

From the beginning to the end, ‘Live At Texas Indie Fest’ is unapologetically filled with driving guitars, formidable drums and a vocal performance which is pop-punk at its finest. Reminiscent of 90’s/00’s pop-punk, Tough On Fridays are reinventing the genre for 2018 and are doing a wonderful job!

We very much enjoyed the opening song, ’Retrospect’ as it features a drum opening followed by a catchy electric guitar. The vocals are warm and inviting with gorgeous tones in them. Melodic in their delivery it is the vocals which add to the catchy feel of the song. The track is driven by the percussion and bass with a relatable feel throughout. There is a brilliant part where all of the instrumentation cuts away and the listener is left with just the bass and vocals. This is a nice touch as it is not what is expected but the surprise works beautifully.

Our favourite song on the EP is ‘Little Italy’. It features scratchy guitars with a descending chordal pattern. The song is infectious and will have you reaching for the repeat button. Destined to be a hit single, ‘Little Italy’ is a complete singalong song. There are beautiful cadences in the vocals and the addition of a tempo change is another unexpected turn. There is sparse instrumentation for the 3rd verse which paves way for the familiar slide guitar to be the foundation to which everything is built around again.

Comprised of friends Katie (Vocals, Bass, Guitars) and Caleigh (Vocals, Guitars) they have been friends since elementary school, and this bond is translated through the music. Their performances are tight and they are clearly well polished and know each other’s musical styles inside out.

So fill your should with classic music this Christmas and check out Tough On Fridays, ’Live At Texas Indie Fest’. You will not be disappointed!

Reviewed by FVReviews December 2018






Russ Still & The Moonshiners – ‘Bootleg (Batch 432)’

RStill_Bootleg_FRONT-Cover_Fin-440x440Russ Still & The Moonshiners have released their latest album ‘Bootleg (Batch 432)’. The eight-track album is the 5th released by the band based in Atlanta, Georgia. The band is comprised of frontman Russ Still (vocals, guitar), Cam Still (keys), Ben Still (guitar, vocals), Ed Usher (bass, vocals), Mitch Flanders (drums, vocals) and Roddey Phipps (guitar). Together they make for a formidable group which are on top of their Rock Country game.

‘Bootleg (Batch 432)’ opens with the track, ‘No Stars’, it is upbeat from the get-go. We hear, driving guitars, bass, and drums with the charismatic vocals being added as the icing on top. The song is catchy and uplifting with a bridge that takes a surprising turn. The addition of minor chords changes the feel of the song and adds to the complexity of the music.

‘Waiting’ is a more laid back offering. It is beautifully carried along by the expertly performed instrumentation. There is a juxtaposition between the music and the lyrics. The upbeat music is a backdrop for the darkness and vulnerability in the lyrics. Simply beautiful.

‘Money’ is one of our favourite tunes on this album. It features a solo electric guitar opening which is sublime. There is also an organ to be enjoyed which is filled with emotion from the beginning. The telephone effect on a part of the vocals is a nice touch and adds texture to the piece. The guitar solo features riffs, always fun and creating memorable melodies.

‘It’s Hard’ is a gorgeous song. From the solo vocal opening to the relatable storytelling of a breakup. The piano features heavily on the song and it adds a charismatic charm to a wonderful piece of music.

The high level of musicianship is in abundance on this record. Each musician has their own part which shines solo but also they all come together and work as a collective beautifully. We would highly recommend ‘Bootleg (Batch 432)’ to any music lover as it is a thoroughly enjoyable listen.

In 2015 at the Georgia Music Awards, Russ Still and The Moonshiners were crowned ‘Country Band of the Year’ and with music as strong as this album, we can see why. They take the Country Rock genre and maker a sound which is unmistakably theirs.

Reviewed by FVReviews December 2018

The Bid – ‘Don’t Wait’


The Bid are a phenomenal new band based in Warrington, UK. Their debut single ‘Don’t Wait’ is a toe-tapping, Folk/Pop/Americana record which had us hooked from the get-go. Fronted by Joe Hatton, The Bid are most certainly set for big things.

‘Don’t Wait’ opens with an upbeat feel. First, we hear guitars, drums, bass, claps, and catchy vocals. The guitar riffs are played in different styles, some palm muted and some not but all become recognisable to The Bid’s signature sound. The vocals have clever cadences making them catchy and relatable. The harmonies on the chorus are striking and add layers of texture and depth. All of these things make for The Bid to become an unstoppable force.

We adored the addition of the minor chords in the instrumental, they add yet another layer of texture. They create an impactful vulnerability to the piece, reflective of modern life. We can feel influences from The Beatles, The Smiths and The Strokes shining through but do not mistake, The Bid makes for a sound all of their own.

The Bid describes their single ‘Don’t Wait’ as “One in a series of songs to be released which documents the beauty and sadness of life as part of the working class in the northwest today.” Upon first listen, we did not feel the sadness part of the record. It feels bouncy and upbeat in nature which oozes charm from the beginning. As we listened to it over and over, the layers of depth and complexity became apparent. Extremely clever in composition, The Bid has managed to create an ear-catching melody with depth and purpose as one delves deeper. This is exactly what is missing in mainstream music today: Substance. The Bid has it in abundance and this is what will make them a big hit in 2019.

If you’d like to catch The Bid live, they have a mini UK Tour  to support the ‘Don’t Wait’ release and the dates are as follows:

Night & Day Café, Manchester (04/12/19)

FatBird – Wigan (11/01/19) 

The Salty Dog – Northwich (18/12/19) 

West Street Live – Sheffield (07/01/19) 

Verve – Leeds (19/01/19)

The Castle Hotel Manchester (21/01/19) 

The Auction Rooms – Warrington (26/01/19)

Dublin Castle – London (08/02/19)

With a single as strong as ‘Don’t Wait’ we can not wait to hear what comes next from such an exciting talent. Until then, kick those January blues and get out to see this inspiring new band in 2019!

Reviewed by FVReviews December 2019




‘Wildcard’ – Corbin Hale

Wildcard Coverart.pngHailing from the gorgeous beaches of Rio de Janeiro, Corbin Hale is releasing his latest single, ‘Wildcard’ on 14th December 2018.

The song starts with a dark bass and silky smooth vocals. We also hear delicious synths and high hats which build upon each other creating layers of texture. The choruses drive the song along with the verses creating character with their unpredictable twists and turns. We absolutely adored the subtle use of the electric guitar. The guitar riffs created are charismatic and laced with reverb which makes them sit well in the mix. The riffs are in a nice octave comparatively to the vocals which make the riffs feel related to the vocals in their tone and performance.

It is clear the excellent level of musicianship which has been injected into this single. Each of the instruments are played to an incredibly high standard and shine in the mix. Hale’s voice is an extremely integral part of the piece. His voice is filled with charm and warmth. From the almost whispering in the verses to the fuller performance in the chorus, Hale conveys relatable emotion throughout. His cadences are wonderfully executed and infectious – they will have you reaching for the repeat button and singing along in no time!

Inspired by the Beatles, we can hear this influence pulsing through ‘Wildcard’. It has the charm and character of a Beatles song but Hale has reinvented the genre for 2018. The many elements of percussion coming from the drums and the synths create a layered audio production to enjoy. The song has been mixed, produced and mastered to a very high standard and each element has its own place in the mix.

We must also mention the wonderful artwork which accompanies the release. It fits the song’s narrative well and is eye-catching on its own. It is crisp, clean and modern with a definitive purpose.

These days, Hale is based in Vancouver and has worked extensively with prestigious producers from Canada and the UK. Set for a Christmas release, ‘Wildcard’ would be a welcomed introduction into any playlist. We could easily hear Hale’s music fitting into placement for TV and/or film. Put some warmth into this cold December and check out ‘Wildcard’ today!

Reviewed by FVReviews December 2018

Josh Pfeiffer – ‘One More Time’ 

Porch Swing WS.jpg

Hailing from Copperopolis, California, Josh Pfeiffer is an incredible singer/songwriter with a voice sent from heaven. His latest single, ‘One More Time’ is a delicate and emotional song which represents Pfeiffer’s skill and talent perfectly.

‘One More Time’ opens to the sound of a gorgeous solo piano, followed by Pfeiffer’s rich, warm and soulful voice. We are also treated to an emotional acoustic guitar, drums after the first chorus and many other beautiful instruments. Each of the instrumental elements builds slowly, which gives the track room to breathe and naturally evolve.

We adored the slide guitar solo in the latter half of ‘One More Time’, it captures the deep and meaningful essence of the song. It is touching and delicate with a deep melodic essence. We also loved the solo kick drum which feels like the heartbeat of the song.

‘One More Time’ is a relatable, touching and elegant single. It’s melody and phrasing add to the tear-jerking nature of the song. Pfeiffer’s vocal performance is a stand out element of the track. He is naturally able to convey emotion through his performance and his sensual tones alone make for a stunning piece of art.

We were also incredibly impressed with the stunning and cinematic video which accompanies this release. Directed by Alejandro Guimoye, the video captures the mood and essence of the song beautifully. It truly is the perfect visual accompaniment to the music. Initially we listened to the audio alone and thought the song to be about a relationship breakup. However, after watching the video (without giving any spoilers away!), it was soon clarified which type of loss is being described. This theme will be extremely relatable to many different people around the world and hopefully will offer some comfort to them.

We must also mention the beautiful production on both the audio and visuals to the song. The audio production is warm and clear with space for each of the instrumentation to shine. The visual production is equally as warm with strong themes and concept.

We could easily see ‘One More Time’ being used as placement in TV and/or film. It would fit seamlessly into many different situations and it would enhance any visual performance.

So grab a box of tissues and check out this moving and emotional song (and video) today!

Reviewed by FVReviews December 2018